Thursday, January 07, 2010


winter time and the livings easy

(i love this picture for some reason. shes dressing up in stuff i was selling on ebay)

christmas time

.:christmas eve:.

.:christmas day:.
(we turned our 'female' angel into a real angel)

(may i note that my child is a kid of many faces)

winter wonderland

seeing a decent winter snow fall through the eyes of a chid is magical, and when your husband is from Atlanta and has ever really played in some decent snow, i got to see the snow through the eyes of two children this winter. it was great!

getting loaded on the antique toboggan




(and that was both their first sleigh rides)

.:i think the total snow fall that storm was around 10 inches. it was exciting)

lezon family photo shoot

after all the years of calling these fine folks, this was the first time i got to shoot them. it was maybe thee coldest photo shoot i've ever done. and maybe will ever do. but through the tears, and chapped cheeks, we prevailed. Here is a peak:

.:first post of 2010:.

so there has been snow, wind, rain, sleet, ice and then some. But the homestead has been beautiful non the less.
I love the holidays, but i love the cleaning, and organizing that follows more. i think. Here are just a peak into our lives here in the Fuller Family.