Thursday, April 03, 2014

.:Fuller Family 4, soon to be 5:.

Lets just take a second to recognize that I am so very fortunate to be apart of such a incredibly talented bubble of Photographers here in Central Pa. 
We are so very lucky to call one of those photographers a dear friend (well, my kids refer to her as Aunt Spety, or Aunt Pety) but Svetlana is incredibly talented, blessed and has a certain gifting behind the lens. We love getting our family portraits done by her from time to time, and I love working along side of her occasionally as well. She really is something! 
I had a hard time going through these images for our family photo alum and frames, so I had to share on here, because she did such an incredible job.
If you are in need of a photographer, she is your gal! Please go and check out her website, and book her now. Seriously, Go!