Friday, March 15, 2013

My not so little Little

Anyone who is a parent will totally understand me when I say this....Ahem....Why do my kids grow up so fast and how can I capture the essence of their childlikeness in a bottle. Lets say, how their hair smells, how do I capture that in a tiny vile so I can uncork it and breathe deep on hard days? Or capture the softness of their hairs, and skin? Anyways, today I uploaded some photographs from a tiny little spur of the moment (lately I feel like my whole life is a spur of the moment 'thing') photo shoot literally right outside our front door. Here are a few of my absolute favorites of my eldest Little, Ruslana Eva. 

(Here are her favorite shoes and jeans. The jeans are two years old and are falling apart and are transparent as some spots but she requests to wear them everyday with her Chucks. I cant refuse. )