Monday, July 15, 2013

farm living. a Fuller house tour

We have lived here for almost 6 years. 
A tiny house, 30ft by 25ft. 750 sq/ft of one open living room loft cabin living goodness.
It has been a beautiful 6 years. Lots of laughter, tears, (two floods) but mostly joy has lived here.
It is on a farm of 130 acres. We do not own, but rent from some really amazing  (old) people. They def. keep the farm lively still. My children refer to them as grandma and grandpa and you can find my kids running trough their house, cooking with Jean or birdwatching with Chuck. Their house is only about 50 feet from ours.  

Our home was once smack in the middle of a cow pasture. I feeding pavilion full of troughs and a loft full of hay. Till Chuck and Jean purchased this farm in the late '60s. 
Walls were put up and an indoor jungle gym was created for their 4 kids.  A cobble stone floor was poured and fun was had. Until their kids outgrew the place and soon it became an inlaw/ visitors quarters, with a tiny kitchen and bathroom. 

Soon they decided to rent out the place.  Years later, our good pals lived here for a short while, and the day they moved out, we moved in. Ruslana was only 11 months old and we quickly felt at home.

Heres a little tour of our home. And some little tid-bits that I love here.

that little building behind those chairs is the original smoke house (for smoking and preserving meat), now its used to storage

our little front door, aka, fern gully

view from hot tub deck /shower room


 our little old toilet. Our land lords purchased  it and many other things in our home at an estate sale from a local mansion. Out toilet is super old and has a pull chain to flush!

 our towel rails in our bathroom are made from deer antlers and old walking sticks

 this is it. The only closet in our home. Actually, one of only two doors inside our house, this one and the bathroom door. To the right is the ladder that we climb to get up into the loft, where our bedroom is.

 This is an old cooking stove, also purchased at that estate sale. It is a fully functioning wood burning stove, although i mostly use it as a drying rack when i wash dishes.

 thats right: dueling unicorns

 i stash my latest love notes from Rusty here (swoon!)

 thats it, our tiny kitchen

The kids room. Ruslana up top, killian below

Rusty made this beautiful piece of furniture

 Living room

favorite little stool/side table. newest thrifting find

 bedroom. we share that dresser and one long rack for our clothes

That is our tiny home. (Rusty jokes that we live in a thiftstore. or a hoarders yardsale.)We love it. We joke that its like camping all year long in a tree house. 
Mainly because if we want to skip a bath tub and take an actual shower, we walk out side and into another park of our house (only accessed by the outside) its quite an adventure but our little family of 4 love it!