Friday, July 13, 2012

Leticia Joy

(Where to even start with this session...)
I am so blessed by this women! I am sure anyone who knows her would agree.
Not only is she an amazing musician, but an amazing friend.
It was my joy to spend a warm summer evening chatting and shooting her.
She  made my job beyond easy. 
Hardest part of it all was deciding which ones I liked most.
So here's a bunch, since I couldn't chose!
Thank you for sharing you music with us, but mostly, thanks for sharing your heart!
(please keep watch for a new record in the near future!)

(usually I save my favorite for last, but in this case, they are all 'my last")

Little Ladies

I had some wonderful belly laughs with these young ladies. 
We chatted about animals that lived here on the farm, meanwhile I clicked away. 
Not having a sister of my own, I've always admired the bond between such sisters.
Sharing the evening with girls that love each other was a gift, thanks girls!
(And a special thanks to M for producing such great kids!)