Tuesday, March 17, 2015

.:Autumn Maternity:.

Earlier this week I spoke of my pal Mal. 
Today I am going to write about my Autumn. She's a lifer. Since 1998. Ups, Downs and all things in between. 
Thicker than Thieves. And basically the sister I never had, without all the years of angst and malicious comparing I hear maternal sisters speak of.  Shes incredible. And it has been the best and most incredible thing to watch her grow as a woman, a wife to Chris, and mother to her four, Flynn, Iris, Micah and Own. I photographed them this past winter, and it was awesome. Hey are some of the funnest and best people I know. 
This mama right now is 8-ish days past due with her fifth baby. I loving refer to babe as BK5 (baby Krouse #5). Hopefully BK5 makes an appearance any second now, cause we all are so pumped to meet shim. (And find out if you are a boy or girl, hence the sh-im.)
When I think of a good old fashion visit with Autumn, children are being awesome and creative and swirling in and out of the kitchen we sit in.  Coffee cups in hand.  And some crazy awesome creative meal filled with delicious veggies that my kids will always refuse from me, but quickly eat in her kitchen. (whatevs Autumn, spinach and grilled cheese sandwiches??!!) 
And some crazy stories being told.  Autumn is so hilariously funny, and she can do some mean impersonations.  (Mrs. Doubtfire is my longstanding fave.) She just makes you feel great when you're with her. She is so real and genuine and her kindness draws you in. 
She has taught me much. Especially standing up for myself and to decide who I want to be and to go be her! She has encouraged me to be my best and chose wisely who I let into my heart and life.  And mainly, to enjoy this little snippet of life we have with our ginger bearded men, our beautiful healthy kids and make the most of everyday. And for pete sake, not take myself too serious.
Life should be filled with deep love, close family, dear friends, good food and tons and tons of laughter. 
Love you Aut.