Tuesday, February 11, 2014

.:New baby E:.

This past week, I met the cutest little baby E.  Newest addition to the Aitkin family.  She is tiny and petite and all new and peely. The visit was sweet and mama is doing wonderful. Their home is full of such joy and wonderfulness that is a young growing family. God is so good, an when you walk in there, His fragrance hangs in the air there. 
PS. Did I mention their home is so cute and creative and cozy? (alliteration at its finest-you're welcome)


.:Toy Box Glory:.

We struggle with space. Always trying to downsize, it seems like we toss stuff on a monthly basis so we can stay sane in our tiny space. But keep the kids toys organized has driven me nuts for as long as we lived here. So, we finally figured what we could do. We had our good friend Ben Shea build us something to contain the madness. 
Ben is super creative and a great craftsman. He can build some pretty amazing desks, farm style dining room tables, dog houses, you name it, he could probably make all your lumber dreams come true. And, and he used with this toy box, he uses refurbished and recycled wood. So lots of character, and would you look at those colors those old lathes have? I love it. This toy box is so beautiful and BIG!
If you are interested in hiring Ben to create you a lovely piece, contact him here

.:Winter on the Farm:.

Can I say, that I love Central Pennsylvania because we get to experience all the seasons, in their unique beauty. Winter is def. lower on my list of favorite seasons. This winter has all but made me hate the season. We are currently dealing with a lingering 5 inches of snow, topped with so wicked ice. Its hard to let the kids play outside because you can barely walk around our farm without falling and usually someone breaks through some ice and cuts themselves. So needless to say, is not fun at all. 
Especially when this week we are predicted to get anywhere from 15-20-ish additional inches to our frigid landscape. We have spent straight weeks not leaving our home. And our home is tiny. And with a feisty 2.5 year old boy and a explore and climb trees kinds gal on my hands, my pregnant behind is maxing out on movies and bored games. I might lose my mind this week if we do indeed get all the snow 'they' say we are to get. Uhhh!
So heres what we do. I take pics of my kids being bored.  Well, mainly Ruslana since Killian won't sit still for longer than a second.  

.: Life:.

Oh man. Its been too long. Far too long. 
I have thought and thought about what I want to share on this blog, and I have come to the conclusion that I want it to not only be my photography, but my life. My kids, my meanderings, my creating/current projects and more. 
When the new year rolled around and I took stock of my life, my heart and what I was investing my time, and energy to, I was sad. I realized what I was sewing into wasn't a reflection of my heart, or at least the direction where I wanted to be headed. 
My list of 'resolutions' was long, some serious, some silly. 
Facebook less, journal more.
Take more photos of my kids. 
Slow down an enjoy slow mornings sippin' hot tea. 
Hugging my kids and husband longer. 
Reigniting my creativity and letting go of some heavy discouragement I had been carrying around without knowing.....
Anyways, so in my quest to step into these new challenges, I am going to be posting some here. Some photos of my personal life, everyday things that bring me some joy. Really anything. 
Some professional work as well, God willing I book lots of jobs, and can fit them into life once our third baby being born early this spring. 
So here starts a new chapter for me and this blog. Stay and linger.