Tuesday, February 11, 2014

.:Winter on the Farm:.

Can I say, that I love Central Pennsylvania because we get to experience all the seasons, in their unique beauty. Winter is def. lower on my list of favorite seasons. This winter has all but made me hate the season. We are currently dealing with a lingering 5 inches of snow, topped with so wicked ice. Its hard to let the kids play outside because you can barely walk around our farm without falling and usually someone breaks through some ice and cuts themselves. So needless to say, is not fun at all. 
Especially when this week we are predicted to get anywhere from 15-20-ish additional inches to our frigid landscape. We have spent straight weeks not leaving our home. And our home is tiny. And with a feisty 2.5 year old boy and a explore and climb trees kinds gal on my hands, my pregnant behind is maxing out on movies and bored games. I might lose my mind this week if we do indeed get all the snow 'they' say we are to get. Uhhh!
So heres what we do. I take pics of my kids being bored.  Well, mainly Ruslana since Killian won't sit still for longer than a second.  

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