Tuesday, February 11, 2014

.:Toy Box Glory:.

We struggle with space. Always trying to downsize, it seems like we toss stuff on a monthly basis so we can stay sane in our tiny space. But keep the kids toys organized has driven me nuts for as long as we lived here. So, we finally figured what we could do. We had our good friend Ben Shea build us something to contain the madness. 
Ben is super creative and a great craftsman. He can build some pretty amazing desks, farm style dining room tables, dog houses, you name it, he could probably make all your lumber dreams come true. And, and he used with this toy box, he uses refurbished and recycled wood. So lots of character, and would you look at those colors those old lathes have? I love it. This toy box is so beautiful and BIG!
If you are interested in hiring Ben to create you a lovely piece, contact him here

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