Friday, June 14, 2013

my dearest

My first born. Who made me become a mother. Who teaches me so much about myself, and so so so much about God. 
The other day, we shared such a special moment. I looked at her standing in the breeze. Her strawberry blonde hair across her face and it seriously took my breath away. Now if you aren't a parent yet, this might sound crazy, insane, "over emotional".  And sure, what you feel as a parent sometimes is all of those things. And its wildly incredible getting to be a mother. 
I decided to snatch  my camera off the kitchen table quickly and capture this moment. Then she insisted that I be in front of the lens for once. I snapped a couple selfies with her and me. And looking at them I teared up. 
God is so good to me, and our family for allowing Ruslana to be ours. 
Mama loves ya Rus!

.:oh my goodness, I'll eat her up, I love her so:.