Sunday, November 17, 2013

McCleaf Wedding, McDonald Barn, Seven Valleys, Pa

Our family has had the joy of knowing Zach for a couple years, and when Zach introduced us to Stacie, we knew they were perfect for one another. They have that 'thing' that spark. That 'always make each other laugh and will get through anything' kinda love.
Their outdoor barn wedding at McDonald Barn in Seven Valleys, Pa was such a beautiful celebration of their love for each other, family and friends. I had a blast and I love you guys. 
Blessings Zach and Stacie!

.:Papa Cooper seeing his daughter for the first time right before he walk her down the isle:.

.: I had the joy of working alongside my husband, Rusty at this wedding also. He DJ-ed the wedding and had everyone on their feet the whole night. I boogied down a little on the clock I must admit:. 
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