Tuesday, December 02, 2014

.:Fuller Thanksgiving 2014:.

Theres something about Thanksgiving. So many memories come to my mind when I think back on this holiday.  When I was a babe, up until a few year ago, my Nanny and Pappy hosted Thanksgiving. She prepped for days, and recruited me to help her the night before, setting the tables. She lined tables from one end of her house to the other and we all crammed in there elbow to elbow. I think there was something like 45 people every year, the most delicious dutchy foods, and tons and tons of memories. I was super sad the year my Nanny and Pappy could no longer host due to my Nanny' health problems. So my mom started hosting it for a much smaller crowd at her tiny little ole house. But, we soon realized that it was much easier to host at our tiny little ole house, and split the food prep responsibilities in half. My kids could nap and I could cook. It works out great. 
This year it would be my mom, niece, nephew in addition to our crew of 5. With snow the day prior, Rusty was home to help prep, and help with the kids while I baked, all day. Ruslana was my soux chef, and we used the day as homeschool. Always learning. 
The big day rolled around, and I cooked a few smaller sides while Rusty cooked the bird. A pretty little organic turkey, we embarked into new territory-a grilled turkey. 
We had brined the turkey the night before and now the time has come. We broke in our new Weber grill and Rusty bared the freezing temps in our smoke house and cared for that bird and cooked one incredible turkey. Looked great, and tasted even better.
Since lunch was served around noon, we were fed, the table read off and we were lounging with a clean kitchen by 4pm.
Such a wonderfully relaxing day. Best thanksgiving ever! Much to be greatful for, and I'm so thankful for my tribe. 
Heres a glimpse into our day.

It was Ewan's first Thanksgiving, he was very interested in all the food.

(Rusty nabbed a picture of me with my real camera, that never happens!)