Tuesday, February 11, 2014

.: Life:.

Oh man. Its been too long. Far too long. 
I have thought and thought about what I want to share on this blog, and I have come to the conclusion that I want it to not only be my photography, but my life. My kids, my meanderings, my creating/current projects and more. 
When the new year rolled around and I took stock of my life, my heart and what I was investing my time, and energy to, I was sad. I realized what I was sewing into wasn't a reflection of my heart, or at least the direction where I wanted to be headed. 
My list of 'resolutions' was long, some serious, some silly. 
Facebook less, journal more.
Take more photos of my kids. 
Slow down an enjoy slow mornings sippin' hot tea. 
Hugging my kids and husband longer. 
Reigniting my creativity and letting go of some heavy discouragement I had been carrying around without knowing.....
Anyways, so in my quest to step into these new challenges, I am going to be posting some here. Some photos of my personal life, everyday things that bring me some joy. Really anything. 
Some professional work as well, God willing I book lots of jobs, and can fit them into life once our third baby being born early this spring. 
So here starts a new chapter for me and this blog. Stay and linger. 

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