Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ferguson Wedding

What a beautiful day. 
Everything fell perfectly into place.
I am so happy for Matt and Addie.
I also couldn't be happier with these photos.
Just a few of my favorites.


bonnie said...

beautiful photos - thank you for sharing them!

joi said...

oh hello lovely, so very nice to meet you!
man, i absolutely love the old-timey feel of these mia! and the books....perfect.

Andrea said...

HI Mia and Rusty.....thank you so much for the photos.
I love them!
You are so talented!
Hope to see you soon.

The Fergusons.

Valerie Smith said...
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Valerie Smith said...

LOVELY!!! You certainly tell the story:)

Ana said...

Gorgeous shots Mia! Their wedding was beautiful and you captured it so well.