Monday, November 08, 2010

Mama Lauren

Lauren is expecting her third baby in a couple days.  
She's looking beautiful!

.i love the colors in this one.

.favorite for last, as usual.


Grace said...

These are beautiful. I love a Mamma ready to have her babe. Something so lovely.

danielle said...

these are so wonderful. nothing quite as beautiful as a mama carrying her baby.

sowilladtoby said...

wow. i love these. what a beautiful subject! And I love your perspective Mia. Truly lovely.

Higgenbottom said...

she is glowing! hopefully her baby gets her beautiful eyes

Elizabeth said...

The first purple shirt photo is amazing. Love them!

julieb said...

Thanks, it's my fav top. I got it a few years ago on sale at gap. They didn't even have any bottoms left, but I loved it so I snagged it up. I haunt seen any like it sense. Great pics by the way